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Recent books by Frances Dipper

The Marine World

If you love books about the ocean and its inhabitants then try this, the product of a lifetime spent by Frances Dipper happily observing and studying marine organisms the world over.

Marine Fishes of Wales

This is the most comprehensive guide to marine fish in Britain and is an invaluable tool for ten-year-old rock poolers, fishermen, naturalists and divers alike

British Sea Fishes

This is Frances Dipper’s iconic field guide to the common sea fishes of Britain and Ireland

Other Books

Frances has written or co-authored many other books and has acted as marine consultant on many more. View more from Dr Dipper’s collection


Dr Frances Dipper
Dr Frances Dipper is a marine consultant, award winning author and lecturer

Dr Frances Dipper is an author, lecturer and independent marine consultant and has spent a lifetime happily observing and studying marine organisms the world over.  A naturalist at heart, she has always loved the sea and has a passion for writing books about the ocean both for adults and for children. This has culminated recently in her major work 'The Marine World: A Natural History of Ocean Life'. Her Dorling Kindersley children’s book, ‘Guide to the Oceans’ won the Royal Society Aventis Prize for junior Science Books in 2003.

Although interested in anything that swims, slithers, glides, flaps or simply sways under water, she has a particular love of fishes and as well as writing books about them, she runs marine fish identification courses for marine consultancies and for Seasearch, a recording project for volunteer sports divers. She is happiest sitting on the seabed watching the marine world go by and testing the patience of her diving buddies.

Use this website to see and order her books, get in touch to arrange a talk for your local group or school or simply enjoy her blog and photographs.


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